Golf Gadget Gifts To Enhance Your Man’s Game

Jokes aside, many men and women have a strong interest in golf. They find it hard to get through a week without a round or two of putting. If your husband is such an avid golfer, golf gadgets are the best birthday and anniversary gifts for him. There is an assortment of gadgets on sale in the market. These technological innovations help improve performance on and off the field. Here’s a list of modern golf gadgets to choose from.

1. A Golfing Global Positioning System

One of the most useful golf gadgets you can gift your spouse is a golfing global positioning system. Golfing GPS units make up for the absence of a caddy. Most GPS models are available in handheld designs. However, there is a hat version too. Attached within the brim of a player’s hat, they allow his hands to be free. GPS systems offer different features. It helps estimate distance for each shot on the field. It enables a player to identify and avoid path obstacles in the pathway. It gives important information on the nature of the course being played. Selected GPS versions also advise players on the choice of clubs and drivers during the game. High-end models feature touch-screen displays and controls. They are made waterproof to withstand natural elements. The only drawback is the price; such systems are expensive.

2. Electronic Swing Aids and Putting Trainers

While all golf gadgets are highly functional, a selected few are more useful than the rest because they guide players in the game. Swing aids and putting trainers help a golfer work on his or her swinging, driving and putting skills. Golf club heads are fitted with swing-guiding gyroscopes. This is a unique concept that enables players to correct the swing path down to the hole. Other devices in this category are talking swing meter critiques. They have to be attached to the club. The meter comments on each shot rating it as good, bad or satisfactory. This instant feedback improves game consistency and control and pushes you to improve and learn more. The meters also provide accurate golf club swing speed and golf club head speed readings.

3. Ball Finders

A number of balls get lost during each round. Ball finders are radar systems that help find lost balls on the course. Designed on the same lines are golf ball spotter glasses. They highlight white balls in the entire landscape. Ball retrievers allow a player to pick up a ball without bending.

4. Ball Monogrammers

Ball Monogrammers are gadgets used to mark golf balls with the owner’s initials. You must buy this if your spouse is highly possessive of his equipment. In addition to stamping balls with the owner’s initials, you can imprint company names, sports team logos, short quotes or emoticons.

Besides the tech tools listed above are handheld score keepers, motorized ball cleaners, drink cooler clubs, cell phone docks, cup holders and cigar clips.

So, surprise him with one of these golf gadgets and make his day out on the greens enjoyable in the true sense.

Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 7 has gadgets on the desktop, just like Vista. Or almost like Vista. If you are familiar with Vista gadgets, the main difference in Windows 7 is that there is no sidebar. A gadget is a kind of display gizmo that sits on your desktop. Here are some examples of Windows 7 gadgets:

* Calendar
* Clock
* CPU Meter
* Currency
* Headlines
* Picture Puzzle
* Slideshow
* Stocks
* Weather
* Windows Media

Just in case you get tired of wasting your time with the gadgets that ship with Windows 7, you can download more from Personalize your PC. Some of them, such as the clock or calendar, are useful. Others are a waste of time. But how useful are gadgets anyhow? It depends on how you use your desktop. If it is covered in layers of applications all day, you’ll never see your desktop, and therefore you’ll never see your gadgets.

In this case, some may be of marginal use when you first start your computer, and when you shut it down at the end of the day (assuming you clear the desktop before shutting down). Personally, I rarely see my desktop, so gadgets are not a big thing with me, although I like the idea of them. On the other hand, the could end up being a major distraction. For example, you could spend the day watching headlines and stock quotes. You could click the headlines and read the stories. Or you could just go to the appropriate websites when you feel the need to find out what’s going on in the world or the trading room floor.

Also, the gadgets are somewhat limited in how you can configure them. For example, the headline gadget provides a list of Microsoft news feeds. That’s fine if you happen to like the kind of news provided by Microsoft. But what if prefer headlines from other news services? Or you want RSS feeds from non-news services like your favorite blogs? Unfortunately, the headline gadget is not that flexible. In the end, Windows 7 gadgets are not flexible enough to be useful, and are hidden most of the time, unless you don’t actually use your computer to do any work.

Best Computer Gadgets To Improve Your Life

It is fair to say that the modern computer is a fantastic machine that can make life much easier. But there are certain things which can still be made even easier, and using the desktop gadgets that are available, you can make a number of things which you use your computer for easier and quicker.

When you think about all the things that you can use your computer for, many of these involve steps such as having to open up a browser, or opening up a program just to be able to look at the updates on your social networking sites, or to check on the weather or the travel news before you go to an appointment.
This is where the importance of desktop gadgets comes in.

If there are certain things that you do on your computer regularly, or if you are looking for something to divert you from the everyday work, then these desktop gadgets will have something for you. Here are a few of these desktop gadgets which you might be interested in:

Traffic With Bing Maps

This is one of those simple little desktop gadgets that you are going to want to have saved on both your home and work computers if you have to commute by car to work every day. What you get with this gadget is a tool which you can use to set your location, and then will give you traffic updates which can help you to plan or alter your route depending on where you are driving to.

Personally I tend to run the bigger version as it displays the information better. But this is purely a matter for taste, and is a fantastic tool which doesn’t require the opening of a browser and navigating to the right page. It just has the necessary information right there on your desktop.

Outlook Upcoming Appointments

Another of the desktop gadgets that I have installed is the Outlook Upcoming Appointments tool. This is a simple little tool which is synchronized with my outlook diary, and does exactly what the description suggests it does.

Without having to go in to the program, it simply shows what I have coming up and what time it’s scheduled for. It might not be a groundbreaking bit of tech, but it is very good and saves having to open up outlook when I’m just checking my diary.


There are a large number of desktop gadgets which are specifically designed to pass a little bit of time, and I was close to including the sidebar version of Tetris which has amused me plenty, but I’ve ended up going for hangman.

Exactly the same as the game you played with friends as a child, you get presented with a word or phrase and have to choose the letters until you’ve been able to guess what it is, or the hangman is completed.


These are only a small amount of the desktop gadgets which are available, and I’ve only covered a few of the desktop gadgets that I actually use myself.

While some of these are great for saving a bit of time, and having information ready on my desktop rather than having to use an internet window to navigate and find that information, it doesn’t necessarily have to be useful though, there are plenty like the HAL 9000 gadget, which is simply a button you push, and plays quotes from the 2001 film.

Car Gadgets

Cars have changed a lot of the years, going from just a buggy, to high powered machines. Many people though, when buying a car, like to add in upgrades like leather, fancier stereo, heated seats, and many other options. But I think most of us wish we could have the same upgrades that James Bond has in his stealthy cars. With the advances of technology and the types of technology that is used in cars today, cruising like James Bond may not be as farfetched.

A new safety feature seems to be a cool gadget and safety feature, the Precrash System. There are different types of precrash systems; probably the most advanced system is that in an Audi. Their system is called “Pre-Sense Plus”, the system activates in the case of a possible accident. Cars that are equipped with this system can detect a possible accident and turn on hazard lights, roll up windows, adjust seats, and even start breaking and slowing down the car for you. This is a great system to have seeing as most of them can react faster than a person can register that there is a possibility of a wreck. Some systems can even wake the driver if they happen to start falling asleep at the wheel. Not only is this a cool gadget, but also a great safety feature. Ask your dealership if they have any of these features or related features to see how you can get the system in your car, or your new car.

Another gadget that can be useful are the different smart phone or tablet apps that allow you to check how much gas you have in your car, lock or unlock your car, and even open or close your garage door without having to be next to or in your car. Craftsman has announced a set of garage door openers that can be accessed through the internet so you know that your garage door is closed, and if its not, simple, just closed it using the app. The down side about this is the garage door opener has to be hooked up with an Ethernet cable and can’t function using just WiFi. Some of the smart phone apps allow you to unlock your car, turn it on, and even change the temperature in the car. This can be considered a safety feature knowing you don’t have to search for your keys to get in the car, or to dig through your purse when you could just get in your car and go because the app took care of that. Of course, another great aspect is you know that all the people who walk by your when it randomly turns on are all wondering if the parking garage is haunted.

An interesting feature that is available in some cars is Blind Spot Detection Systems. These systems have small sensors that can see the common blind spots by using electromagnetic waves. The sensors are sometimes places on the side view mirrors, on the back bumpers, and anywhere else that there is a common blind spot. These detection systems can also see about 60 or so feet on either side of your car helping you be aware of cross traffic that may be behind your car when backing out. The system can also help while on the highway since it can alert you that someone may be coming up on your blind side so you don’t switch lanes.

So, some of these may seem life safety features, but I think even James Bond’s car would have these features and could still keep the master spy out of harm’s way. There are many other types of gadgets you can get for your car, they don’t all have to double as fancy safety features. However, you can check with your insurance company to see if the safety features can help your insurance rates.

Microsoft Provides Useful Virtual ‘Gadgets’

In the past, the word ‘gadget’ has almost always applied to a physical object that you could use for some unique purpose. Gadgets could be useful to the point of saving massive amounts of time and energy for their users, or they could be little more than interesting trinkets. Gadgets are almost always novel in some way or another though.

Now the word gadget has transcended the need to be a material object and also applies to some types of computer programs. Specifically Gadgets are now types of programs that are designed to be run on Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system and to be run embedded in a special web based service offered by Microsoft. Because these gadgets come in two different varieties, those varieties are specified by the names of the gadgets. For example, Web Gadgets are embedded in the web page in a similar way to traditional applets. The Sidebar Gadgets are run in a special sidebar in the Windows Vista operating system.

These software Gadgets are available for download from a web site associated with Microsoft and perform a wide variety of functions. Web Gadgets can include programs that provide you with daily quotes, words of wisdom, games like hangman that you can embed in web pages, a clock displaying Greenwich Meridian Time, and software that can stream live video from web cams in various parts of the world (Europe seems to be especially popular). There are also HTML sandboxes and links to email that you can embed in a web page. One useful application that you can download and place in a web page is a text message window which will allow you and another person to communicate in real time from various websites.

The Sidebar Gadgets are also very impressive and can be downloaded and installed on your Vista operating system with a minimum of trouble. Examples of these programs include ones that rely on the web for information. You can get live news feeds, your local weather (or presumably someone else’s local weather if you like), and information about ongoing eBay auctions. There’s also one that lets you search various eBay sites right from your sidebar. Another Gadget will play music on your media player in a random order while displaying the art from the cover of the album being played. One Sidebar Gadget will also monitor your computer system’s use of memory, as well as hard drive space used, and the use of the processor. If you happen to be Muslim, you can get a Sidebar Gadget that reminds you when to pray. There’s also one that will access your Microsoft Outlook calender and remind you of your appointments.

Another great thing about Microsoft taking the initiative with these Gadgets is that they build a sense of community by encouraging people to create and submit Gadgets of their own. That means that you don’t have to be part of some big software company in order to contribute the programs that are available for use by users of Windows Vista.